READY 2.0 | Coaching & Course

READY 2.0 Is A Comprehensive Real Estate Investing Course & Coaching Program For Anyone/Everyone Who Has Done Less Than 10 Deals In Their Career.  Everything From MINDSET To MARKETING To TALKING TO SELLERS To EXIT STREATEGIES.  It’s All In Here!

Direct Mail Profit Domination

Direct Mail Is Consistently My #1 Source For Consistent Deal Flow.  I’ve Sent Several Million Mail Pieces To Get To Where I Am. I Can’t Wait For You To Dominate Your Market(s) Like I Do!

BUILD | Mastermind & Coaching

Ready To Go From 5 To 10 Deals To 20 Or 50 Per Year? BUILD Was Created Specifically For You!  Increase Deal Flow. Increaese Conversions. Hire Your Team. Create SOPs. Become A Business Owner, Not A Job Owner. It’s All In Here!

Back Alley Sales Mastery

Buying Property Directly From Sellers Is A Very Unique Sales Situation.  After Thousands Of Calls, Appointments, Texts And Emails… Everything I’ve Learned Is Available To You Right Here!

Rehab Deal Profit Snowball

Today I Rarely See A Rehab Deal That We Buy & Sell. With That Said… Successful Rehabs Are NOT Easy To Pull Off.  It Took Me 20+ Years And Thousands Of Rehab Deals To Master The Funding, The Fixing &The Systems & Processes That I Use Today… And Now They Are All Yours!

Profit Boosting SOPs

The Difference Between A High Paying Job And A Highly Profitable Business Is Profit Boosting SOPs. Every Successful Business Invests Time & Energy Into Assuring That They Have Easily Understood Systems & Processes. This Course Gives You My Exact SOPs And How To Use Them.

Executive Level Team Building

People Are Typically Considered The Hardest Part About Business (I Agree).  Which Is Exactly Why My Team And I Created This Course For You, So You Don’t Have To Struggle Like I Did, And Most Do.  Play By Play… Step By Step.  Enjoy!

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