Brent Daniels is one of the most hardworking guests we’ve ever had on our show. Then again, when you start getting into real estate by knocking on hundreds of doors, you really can’t raise the bar any higher. Brent became a licensed real estate agent way back in 2004, but he says he’s always had that itch that made him want to be an investor, provide investor opportunities, and work alongside them.

Since he experienced the crash of 2008, he knew what it was like to start from almost nothing. At one point, he tried to claw out of his way by means of door knocking. That innocent door-knocking gig would eventually land him his first deal as an investor and paved the way to becoming a wholesaler.

Today, Brent talks about how he started his empire, his business strategies, the different resources and tools he uses, and why cold-calling requires more than just a simple script.

“Just doing the phone calls, we made over a million bucks.” – Brent Daniels

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • What is the “TTP” technique?
  • What is a “Distress” list?
  • His approach from Day 1 and how it evolved since.
  • How he makes use of local agents and freelancers for his business.
  • His take on tracking KPI’s
  • The two skills you need to have to be considered a great cold-caller.
  • How they nurture their relationship with their leads.
  • The important factors you need to know for cold-calling.

Brent’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • Drive the neighborhoods in areas you know people want to buy in.
  • Just talk to people on the phone and build rapport. No need for a perfect script to land deals.

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