Private Lender Conversations with Amy Farrow & Matt Hedstrom

Private Lender Conversations with Amy Farrow & Matt Hedstrom

Amy Farrow is an attorney and real estate investor, making her the right person to discuss how the law works with real estate transactions and how to make sure your business is protected. Matt Hedstrom is the owner of Rehab Estimator Pro, a tool used to let investors virtually tour a house and calculate repair costs. Amy provides consultation and real estate training, while Matt uses his 20 years of real estate experience to help solve every property problem his clients face.

Private Lender Conversations with Amy Farrow & Matt Hedstrom

Christina Krause and Paul Del Pozo on Not Getting Enough Real Estate Leads

Christina Krause is a seasoned real estate investor and owner of Postal Impact, Postal Impact Marketing Hub, and Virtual Lead Managers, businesses that were created to help new investors get a better understanding of how real estate works. Paul Del Pozo is a real estate investor who invests in the South Florida area. He represents PropStream, a real estate software created for brokers, realtors, and investors. PropStream helps streamline lead generation by only showing leads based on your criteria.

Private Lender Conversations with Amy Farrow & Matt Hedstrom

Getting The Money with Susan Lassiter-Lyons Ft. Mike Cowper

Susan Lassiter-Lyons is an investment coach, author, and the owner of the Lassiter Publishing Group, a boutique financial publishing company that provides investment training to independent investors. She is the author of Getting The Money, a book that teaches new investors how to raise private capital for real estate. Susan has led a highly successful career with accomplishments ranging from deals averaging a 12.88% return in managing private equity funds and helped the investors she advised collectively raise $500-million since 2004.

Private Lender Conversations with Amy Farrow & Matt Hedstrom

Hiring Only The Best Cold-Callers with Stratton Brown

Stratton Brown is a real estate investor based in the Riverton, Utah area, but also invests in Fresno, California. Before becoming a full-time investor, he initially pursued his dreams of becoming a football star. However, he faced challenges that inevitably led him to go for a more practical approach to life. That’s when Stratton found his way into real estate. His go-to marketing strategy is cold-calling and he has learned the right strategies when it comes to hiring and training cold-callers from abroad.

Private Lender Conversations with Amy Farrow & Matt Hedstrom

Following Your Real Estate PPEs with Zack Childress

Zack Childress is a real estate investor, mentor, and owner of the REI Success Academy, a company that focuses on educating new investors and helping real estate veterans improve their game. He specializes in investing, wholesaling, real estate mentorship, and virtual investing. He has over 17 years of experience in the industry and has bought and sold over 35 companies over the course of his career. Zack is also one of the few investors who survived the crash of 2008 and never gave up on the business, which allowed him to grow it to what it is today.