Sean Caligagan is a 22-year old real estate investor in the California Bay area who’s been in the business for two years. He is a self-studied individual in the real estate investing industry, relying on books and online help to learn the ropes. After going dry and running out of funds in the first sixteen months, Sean finally closed his first deal worth over a million dollars, netting him over three hundred thousand dollars in profit.

Today, Sean shares what newbies should focus on when just starting out and how “Browsing for Dollars” has helped him grow his business. He describes his life before real estate, who inspired him to be an investor, and the steps he took to become good at this game. He explains the importance of following up and being persistent when it comes to closing deals and shares tips and general strategies when it comes to establishing rapport and doing good business.

“There’s no way of failing if you just keep going.” – Sean Caligagan

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • What inspired him to become a real estate investor?
  • Where he went to start learning real estate investing.
  • The marketing strategies he used and why he focused on cold calling.
  • What is “Browsing for Dollars”?
  • His first deal and the amazing money he made
  • His plans for the future of his business.

Sean Caligagan’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • Everything you can lay out ahead of time paves the way for a procedure to be smooth.
  • Being a project manager means being excellent when it comes to delegating.
  • If you can document and process for as much of what is within your control, your business will run smoother.

Resources Mentioned:

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