Cameron Dunlap is the Founder & CEO of Cameron Direct, a company that produces real estate-tailored training and software that allow businesses to be more streamlined and profitable. He has been in the industry since 1993 and has made millions of dollars from hundreds of deals. Some of Cameron’s recent products are the Motivated Seller Data Feed and the Cash Buyer Data Feed. These programs are designed to help investors filter for potential leads depending on whether they want to buy or sell a property.

Cameron joins me today to discuss what Cameron Direct stands for, their focus, and his passion for helping other investors become successful. He shares how he found his way into real estate and how he earned his first paycheck. He explains their tools and services and how they increase leads and profitability. Cameron also describes why being a wholesaler is always the best way to get started in real estate.

“Niche your thinking. Niche your focus.” – Cameron Dunlap

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How Cameron got started in real estate.
  • Why 1993 was his most memorable year.
  • What the first paycheck can do to your business mindset.
  • The challenges he encountered in real estate.
  • Why the 2008 crash didn’t affect him as much as others.
  • How the Motivated Seller Data Feed program works.
  • Why his funding program isn’t ‘too good to be true.’
  • What the Cash Buyer Data Feed is and how it works.
  • Why being a wholesaler is the least risky way to start in real estate.

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