Achieving Beast Mode with Donald Ross

Donald Ross is the owner of REI Automation Squad, a CRM service company that offers a Podio suite that automates leads and follow up processes, allowing the investor to spend more time working on the business than being in front of the computer. He is a retired Marine who got started in real estate while on active duty, purchasing a home which is currently a rental.

Donald joins me to discuss the importance of automation when it comes to scaling a real estate business. He shares his experience before entering the real estate industry and what made him want to become an investor. He discusses what his first few deals were like, how he met his business partner, and what inspired him to create his own CRM. He also explains why he prefers direct mail and why a company that plans to scale their business shouldn’t use Google Voice.

“There’s a lot of great ideas out there, but if you can’t do a couple things good, you’re just doing a bunch of things mediocre at best.” – Donald Ross

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How he got started in the real estate business.
  • How he met his business partner.
  • The pros and cons of being in a partnership.
  • Some of their best marketing strategies.
  • How do they make direct mail work better than most investors?
  • The importance of following up to land deals.
  • How he makes use of freelancers for his business.
  • How he tracks their KPI.
  • Why you shouldn’t use Google Voice.

Donald Ross’ Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • If your strength is direct mail, run with direct mail and get it to work. Only then should you look into another marketing channel.
  • If you’re new, don’t get a CRM. It will only be a distraction at that point in your career.


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