Harper Jones is a partner at ArrowDoor, a real estate company that specializes in short-term capital and long-term wealth through tax benefits on properties. Having just turned 22 a few months ago, Harper is definitely one of the youngest investors today. Despite being so young, he had over 10 houses flipped in 2017 and helped his company buy 30 properties this year. He started with single-family flipping and is now responsible for managing multiple rental properties for ArrowDoor.

Today, Harper joins me to share the success he’s had over his last two years of being a real estate investor. He describes his transition from being a college student to investing in property, explains how he first started marketing for deals, and shares how he does them now. He also discusses how their company managed to close multiple deals this year even when many called 2018 a difficult market. 

“If you’re consistent and work at it, you’re going to get deals.” – Harper Jones

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How Harper Jones got into the business of real estate.
  • The first deal he’s ever had and how he closed it.
  • Why he started with handwriting direct mail.
  • Their priorities when it comes to hunting for deals and their best deal so far.
  • Their 2018 strategy in obtaining 30 properties despite the competition.
  • The one project he regrets doing.
  • What they did to find their cash buyers.

Harper Jones Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • Find someone doing what you want to do. Focus and learn from them.
  • Don’t get emotional when buying property. You’ve got to have your criteria and stick to it.

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Harper Jones:

  • ArrowDoor
  • Email: harper@arrowdoor.com
  • Phone: (865) 730 2621

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