FLTA S2 E1 | Season 2


After a long 14-month break, Don Costa is back with brand new episodes of the epic Flip Talk Podcast! This Season 2, he will be talking a lot about the changes he went recently went through. Don will open up about personal adjustments he and his family are making, highlight their amazing mastermind community, and present upcoming events in 2023. He will also dedicate some episodes to his real estate career transition after COVID-19 greatly transformed the market.

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ALL NEW! I’m Back For Season 2 Of The Epic Flip Talk Podcast!

Let’s Get Real And Let’s Get Moving With All New Episodes

This is Season Two of The Flip Talk Podcast. I am your host, Don Costa. I’m excited about this relaunch of what I think is the most epic real estate podcast out there. That is just my humble personal opinion. I am biased, but I’m excited. It has been fourteen months since I released my last episode, and a lot has happened. I took a break. I needed to take a break for a number of reasons, one of which was I just needed a break. There’s no excuse for it. The other thing is because I was doing a lot in my business. I was making a lot of changes with everything going on with COVID and everything else. I needed to focus in on the things that I needed to address in my business at that moment.

I had some changes going on personally. I moved into a new house. I had some things I needed to work out at home. I had my oldest son move away to college. There were a lot of things going on in my life in the last year. I’ll be sharing a lot of that in this upcoming podcast episodes as we move forward. Ultimately, at the end of the day though, there are some exciting things happening. I’m ready for Season Two, and I’m ready for another 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10-year run of The Flip Talk Podcast, bringing amazing content to you and real actionable content.

Some of the changes we’ve made over at Flip Talk, for instance, I’ll hit that first, and we’ll go into some of the changes in my business. First in Flip Talk, we’re at FlipTalk.com and The Flip Talk Universe. We have launched an amazing mastermind community that is now about ready to have its three-year anniversary. We’re launching our ICE Accelerator, which is a hybrid of a mastermind and coaching for those of you looking to really accelerate and pour fuel on the fire of your business.

We have some amazing free resources from contracts to documents, videos, preferred vendors that we feel like you’re going to get the best value from, all in our free Resources section. That is not just download and forget it. There’s actually an area where you can go in and you can log in to watch videos, download documents, and we’ll be updating that on a regular basis. I’m excited about that. It is free for you to use to grow your business.

We have many amazing things going on with events in 2023. In February, 2023, we’ll be doing an immersion. We’ve been doing them for the last year, and we’re going to be doing another one in Fresno in my hometown, where we’ll spend three days with you deep diving into all the fundamentals of business, from marketing to sales, to Key Performance Indicators, to raising private money in rehab, whatever you need.

What I love about these is it’s not preach and teach. I actually will gauge the audience’s need and tailor the three days to what you need. It’s a small group. It’s set up as a mastermind-like. We really engage with each other and get you the value and the information and the documents and the tools that you need to be successful coming out of it. We are going to have dinner at my house one night. We did that about a year ago in September, and it was amazing to have many people over to my house having a good time laughing and telling jokes, talking to real estate. We’re doing that again, dinner at my place, in February 2023.

Many amazing things going on. You go to FlipTalk.com to find the free resources to find out what’s going on with our events, to find out what’s going on with our mastermind and coaching communities. I’m excited about all of that. We’ve spent a lot of time and energy on the back end and getting it right, building it out, making the right relationships just to bring the value to you.

With that, of course I had my real estate business to worry about and focus on, and figure out. With COVID and everything else, there have been a lot of changes that we’ve made. We’ve lost some team members, we’ve gained some team members. To be honest with everybody here, it wasn’t a perfect transition for us. I have been flying around the country speaking at events and mastermind with other real estate investors. I had a really good team in place.

As the changes happened with COVID, and the market took off and we had supply chain issues and different things that affected the business, fundamentally I had to refocus in on my business and decide what business I wanted. I took a good look in the mirror as to what I wanted my business to be. Do we want to keep rehabbing? Do we want to keep wholesaling? Do we want to have a big team in an office? Do we want to have other laterals now? Airbnb, storage, different things like that. What do we want to do in 2023 as a business? What do I want to do as an investor? What makes me excited about getting out of bed in the morning?

FLTA S2 E1 | Season 2

Season 2: After COVID-19 changed the entire market, supply chain issues have affected many businesses that required owners to refocus their goals.


We’re going to be breaking a lot of that down in episodes in the future and sharing that, the trials and tribulations and struggles, and what I went through to figure all that out, to make that decision. People who will get on to social media, they’ll give you the highlight reel, and they’ll tell you everything is always perfect, but the reality is it is not. You have great people that you outgrow. You have great people that find other opportunities. Sometimes you have great people that don’t always stay great. Then of course, you’ve got yourself to worry about at the end of the day.

Sometimes, it’s just not as exciting to get out of bed and do the same thing over and over again. That was one of the things that was challenging for me was, “How do I make this new and fresh and exciting where I want to get in and plug in, and truly be a leader in my business, and ultimately have my business be something I can be really proud of?”

Looking at my business and thinking, “Am I doing this for ego? Am I doing this for my bank account? What are the reasons why I’m making these decisions?” Ultimately, really focusing in on what’s going to be best for my business moving forward in 2023 with all the changes in the market? Focusing on what’s going to be best for wholesale? Obviously, dispo is something that we’ve got to focus on now because we can’t just phone it in anymore. What’s going to work marketing-wise at the end of the day with the cost of direct mail going up? The issues with deliverability at different points in the last year and response rates. How is that affected?

Where are we at with cold calling? What are the systems and processes that we have in our organization to make that work and function properly? How much training and how much time do I personally have to put into it? Am I willing to do that? Then I had to answer all those questions. Honestly, I’m still answering a lot of those questions as things evolve and changes. Everybody knows, those who are active at real estate investing, these things evolve and change on a regular basis. We’re always learning, growing, and pivoting in some way.

Everybody who is active in real estate investing knows that the market evolves regularly. Everyone must be constantly learning, growing, and pivoting in some way. Click To Tweet

I’m going to be sharing a lot of that. I’m going to be masterminding on this podcast with other real estate investors from around the country, and asking them questions about their business, not only because I want to share that information with you, but because I want to make sure that I’m on top of my business as well.

That’s some of the stuff that I’m excited about, and I can’t wait to have happen for us as we move forward with this show. I’m looking forward to bringing more episodes, more in-depth episodes, more in-depth questions, more in-depth information, and definitely some training tutorials and some case studies as we move forward with this podcast.

We’ll be sharing stories from individuals just getting started wanting to do Q&As. If you’re one of those individuals, reach out to Kate at Kate@FlipTalk.com. She is my assistant. She has handled all that now. That was one of the changes as well. I’ve got to get used to that. She’s been my assistant for a little over a year now, and I still got used to that.

If you want to be on the show, if you feel like you want to add value to our audience, if you want to get on and do a Q&A with me, I love doing those, where you’re brand new and you want to ask questions, just send an email to Kate@FlipTalk.com. She’ll be more than happy to help you out. If you’re interested in any of the free resources, and like I said, our mastermind community, some of the amazing things we got going on in the Flip Talk Universe, or just check out some of the latest episodes of the show, you can go to FlipTalk.com. There are some amazing bits of content there for you.

There are many exciting things. I cannot wait. It’s been a good minute since I have been doing this show. I’m looking forward to doing many more, and bring in as much value as I can to the audience. Looking forward to your questions and your feedback as well. Those things always help me out. I love the emails, telling me how the show has added value, or asking me a question.

A lot of times you ask me a question, I will be honest. I will ask you to come on the show with me so we can have a discussion, and get your questions answered, and provide value to the audience. All that, I’m looking forward to. Keep an eye out when we’re doing pop-up meetups around the country. We’re going to be doing many amazing things in 2023.

I would make sure you give us a look at FlipTalk.com and get in to know, make sure you’re putting your information in to get notified about anything we have coming up and going on around the country. I guarantee, you will not regret it. At the end of the day, this has been an amazing break, but I am ready to go back to work and excited about everything we’re going to be doing. I look forward to bringing so much information to you that you can build an amazing business. With that said, get ready, get excited for the amazing content. Until I talk to you again, have a wonderful day.


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