Andrew LeBaron is the co-owner of Live Cash Deals and Manager at Flippin’ Paper. He has been in the real estate industry for four years, having previously worked in a bank call center. Currently, his company focuses on two primary markets, averaging 10 to 15 deals per month in each market. His specialties include working with seller finance deals and wholesaling many of the property deals his company makes.

Andrew joins me today to share the ups and downs he has experienced since starting his real estate journey. He explains how he got started working with subject 2 existing mortgages and wholesaling and his strategy for rehabbing properties. He also shares the biggest mistake he has made as a young real estate investor, the lessons he has learned from this mistake, and the driving force to continue his journey in real estate investing.

“You can’t let an amount of money hold you back.” – Andrew LeBaron

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Why Andrew pivoted his career from working in a bank call center to building a real estate business.
  • What Subject 2 existing mortgage deals are and how they work.
  • How he rehabs property deals.
  • How he uses RBM’s and cold calling strategies to market his services in two different property markets.
  • How he tracks the KPI metrics for cold-called leads.
  • Where he sources property lists before filtering, stacking, and cold calling.
  • The information he receives from list sourcing companies.
  • Why he recommends finding property owners with more than five properties.
  • The challenges he faced throughout his real estate career and how he overcame them.
  • Lessons he has learned from a large wholesale portfolio deal gone wrong.
  • The value behind hiring VA’s as a new real estate investor.
  • What the future holds for his company.

Andrew’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • Make sure you have a capital partner. The money must be in the bank.
  • Be proud of your accomplishments – and your mistakes.
  • When you make more offers, you learn how an offer is structured, what offers are accepted and rejected, the true motivation and intent of the seller, and get deals done.

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