Indar Lange is a real estate investor who has made it big in Hawaii, the most expensive state in the US. He is the founder of Our Home Investments, a company that helps homeowners of any distressed situation while aiming to improve the community. Indar primarily focuses on single-family properties and works with both low-end and high-end rehabs.

Indar joins me today to share what it’s like to be a real estate investor in Hawaii. He explains the price and market differences in Hawaii compared to other states as well as how his business thrives in such an expensive market. He also shares what made him think about becoming an investor, the mindset he implored that got him to where he is today and shares some of his investor secrets when it comes to getting and converting leads.

“My profit margin is really not my profit. I think of it as my cushion.” – Indar Lange

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • What’s the business culture like in Hawaii?
  • What inspired him to start a real estate business in an expensive market?
  • Where the demand comes from in his business.
  • The marketing strategies he employs to attract deals.
  • The lists that always work for his business strategy.
  • How he sources private funding.
  • Why he doesn’t regret any of the deals he has made.
  • The difference between rehabilitating high-end and low-end homes.
  • The time it takes to do a full rehab in Hawaii.

Indar Lange’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • The deal can sometimes come from where you’re not looking.
  • Try every strategy to get leads and remember which ones got you the most contracts.

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