Robert Syfert is a real estate investor, mentor, and Founder of USA Portfolio Real Estate, a company focused on creating opportunities for clients to maximize their ROI through turn-key and wholesale investments. He has over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, initially becoming an investment advisor to portfolios valued over $2 million and has handled over 300 estates. Before being heavily involved in the business, he was first a loan officer in the early 2000’s who eventually owned a branch.

Today, Robert joins me to describe the essential aspects of marketing and how follow-ups separate the men from boys. He shares how he got started in the industry and why he chose to focus on turn-key investments. He explains why follow-ups are a staple in any industry and why a lot of companies fail to utilize the marketing strategies they use. He also offers advice regarding CRM software – specifically why any expanding business should use one. 

“The market’s competitive according to whoever you ask. The reality is most people aren’t consistent in any marketing channel they go down.” – Robert Syfert

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Why he transitioned from turnkey to wholesale.
  • The pros and cons of doing turnkey investing.
  • The marketing strategies they employ to attain properties in today’s market.
  • The follow-up game and why he says you have to be amazing at it.
  • How following up can help save your business money in lead generation.
  • Developing a CRM to help streamline the work and how much it should cost.
  • What sets their CRM apart from Podio and other software.
  • The problems a CRM should solve.

Robert’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • The faster you get on the phone with that seller, the better your odds are. Period.
  • Don’t get too caught up on doing anything new. Boring basics work on anything.
  • If you’re not implementing and you’re always asking questions, you’re never going anywhere in this industry.

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