Gerhard Maree is the owner of Maree Properties LLC, a real estate company that buys houses in Berks County, PA with the intent of helping sellers who don’t want to let go of their properties the traditional way. His business focus is built on fix and flips, but he also plans on acquiring rentals in case the market gets stale. He prides himself on being a “computer guy” by maximizing the current technology to improve his business.

Today, Gerhard joins me to share the ins and outs of his business and what makes everything work in between. He describes how he and his wife thought about becoming real estate investors and shares what their first deal was like. He discusses some of the tactics he uses in marketing, lead generation, and optimizing his business performance. Gerhard also explains how he gets private money and how to make yourself attractive to lenders.

“Once you find a deal, you gotta keep on marketing. You cannot stop.” – Gerhard Maree

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How Gerhard got started in real estate investing.
  • The business strategies he established that helped grow his business.
  • His marketing tactics and how he gets leads.
  • His secret to getting quality leads and the list sources he uses.
  • What he does for funding and how he attracts private money.
  • Project management and the systems he put in place.

Gerhard’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • When it comes to private money, just spread the word because you never know who has some extra cash lying around.
  • You have to do the work first before you get to the point of hiring somebody.
  • When you have a small budget, don’t market with a shotgun. Market with a sniper.

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