Scott Oots is the Founder and CEO of SJO Investments, a real estate investment firm in Southern California. Steve Trang is the founder of the Real Estate Disruptors movement, a group that educates and supports other investors to find success in the industry. Both are seasoned investors and have found ways to continue doing business despite the lockdown situation and the volatile market.

Scott and Steve join me today to discuss the systems they have put in place to stay in business while working from home. They discuss the current market they’re in and the sacrifices they had to make to keep things running. They explain how they have remodeled their rapport-building skills to include the virus problem and how they solve their client’s issues without entering their doors. Scott and Steve also share advice for investors who want to work with them as buyers.

“Build that rapport and really try to understand what it is buyers and sellers are going through and what their concern is.” – Scott Oots

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Scott’s experience in real estate and the skills he values as a leader.
  • How their businesses are handling the current pandemic.
  • Handling this pandemic with optimism and war room sheets.
  • Why Steve had to let go of a few people and how he’s running his business now.
  • What their market is like and how they expect prices to move.
  • How they are educating their sellers with regards to the implications of the virus.
  • Working with their buyers and the system they put in place.
  • The right way to establish rapport with buyers and sellers during lockdown.
  • Their criteria when looking for buyers to work with them.

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