Stratton Brown is a real estate investor based in the Riverton, Utah area, but also invests in Fresno, California. Before becoming a full-time investor, he initially pursued his dreams of becoming a football star. However, he faced challenges that inevitably led him to go for a more practical approach to life. That’s when Stratton found his way into real estate. His go-to marketing strategy is cold-calling and he has learned the right strategies when it comes to hiring and training cold-callers from abroad.

Stratton joins me to share his cold-calling strategy and how he makes sure he only hires the right cold-callers. He describes what his life was like before real estate and what made him want to become a full-time investor. He discusses the markets he wants to invest in and his criteria in selecting buyers and sellers. He explains how he outsources his cold-calling to VAs in the Philippines as well as how he trains them. Stratton also shares some of the tools they use for not only lead generation but also for hiring new team members.

“On average, a cold-call deal takes 90 days.” – Stratton Brown

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How Stratton was introduced to real estate and investing.
  • The reason Stratton deviated from pursuing a football career.
  • How cold-calling became Stratton’s stepping stone into marketing.
  • What the business looks like today and the positions Stratton hired for.
  • Their criteria in selecting the right buyers and sellers.
  • The secrets investors need to know when it comes to cold-calling.
  • Selecting the right person for a cold-calling position.
  • Training the VAs you hired overseas for cold-calling.
  • How they monitor their VA’s work activity and the tools they use.

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