Luke Weber is a fix and flip real estate investor who first worked for a travel company. The stress, workload, and the 80-100 hour work weeks proved to be too much, so in 2001, he packed up and left that complicated world for a simpler life as a real estate appraiser. There, he went from filing forms to actually getting his own real estate license.

He bought his first flip in 2003 and notes how getting the first paycheck gets you hooked. He flipped and bought rentals through 2005 as a part time job, stopped buying during the recession, and went back in the game by 2010 after the market recovered. He didn’t consider going full time until his father’s death in 2012 made him reevaluate his life and later decide to make his fix and flip hobby into a real company.

Today, Luke talks about how he started in this business, the advantages of being an appraiser, his tips and advice for beginners, and why you should prioritize networking.

“The biggest thing that people fail with is that they trust too much.” – Luke Weber

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Does being an appraiser give him an edge as a real estate investor?
  • His tips for someone new on how to determine property value.
  • How should you compete in a hot market?
  • How networking shaped his business?
  • Should new investors listen to realtors and contractors on what they should do to the house?
  • What is a “lipstick”? What does he consider a “lipstick”?
  • His takeaway for people filming in his market.

Luke’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • A lot of contractors are horrible business people, but you can help them be better and therefore help your own business.
  • Networking is a big component in any business.

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