Tyler Weitz is the owner of City Link, a real estate solutions business that renovates houses, constructs new homes, sell turnkey properties, and provide investment opportunities for those wanting to have sound investments in real estate. Before he was in real estate, Tyler was failing at his sales job. It took five contracts before he finally earned his first paycheck worth $5,000.00. He quit the following day, learned the trade, and started his real estate empire two years later.

Tyler joins me to discuss his experience as a real estate investor from the perspective of someone who once worked in sales. He shares his humble beginnings, what his first paycheck felt like, and what he learned from his first successful contract. He explains why you should diversify your marketing strategies and why forming relationships can sometimes be all it takes to close a deal. He also shares his favorite books as well as the tools every real estate business should have.

“A good story will always sell better than a good spreadsheet.” – Tyler Weitz

On Todays Episode of Flip Talk:

  • What motivated Tyler to get into the business of real estate?
  • How his first deal turned out.
  • The primary business model he uses to build his company.
  • His favorite marketing strategy.
  • His advice for confidently approaching clients.
  • The one mistake most investors make when it comes to sales.
  • How do you effectively build client rapport?
  • Why you should never tell sellers you buy “ugly” houses.
  • His tips for making your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Tyler Weitz’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • Delegating will allow you to do less and focus on making more money.
  • You have to think about the investor and how they feel. You have to show them why you are a safe investment.
  • If you have only one marketing source, you will starve long-term.
  • When it comes to lead generation, never rely on just one strategy.
  • Your hardest deal is the first deal.


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