J Massey is the CEO of Cashflow Diary, a short-term rental hospitality training company. Their goal is to enable individuals in building their own short-term rental business, so they can achieve financial freedom. He is the host of the Cashflow Diary podcast, where he interviews industry experts as well as provides educational content to his listeners. J. also created a property calculator to help users determine how many units they need to build long-term passive income.

In today’s episode, my friend Mike Cowper interviews J. about building passive income and short-term rentals. J. shares the challenges that led him to become an investor, why he prefers wholesaling over fix and flip, and why he started Cashflow Diary. He discusses the benefits of being community-oriented as an entrepreneur and as a company. J. also shares advice for newcomers who want to use real estate as a passive source of income.

“Once you know who it is you want to serve, all you’ve got to do is think about what they like.” – J Massey

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • What motivated J. to become a real estate investor.
  • How J. helped his community by owning a real estate business.
  • Why he focused on wholesaling instead of fix and flip.
  • How you can have a long-term mindset, even with small earnings.
  • What J. believes newcomers should do to transition to building passive-income.
  • The easiest way to raise capital when you’re starting out.
  • Why the easiest market to serve are the people you can relate to.

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