Michael Bernoff is the President and Founder of the Human Communications Institute, a service that helps individuals develop into better leaders and professionals. He is recognized as a gifted speaker known to engage audiences from start to finish while giving them inspiring messages that enact positive changes in their lives. Michael specializes in leadership training, financial freedom planning, personal growth, and motivational coaching.

In today’s episode, my buddy Mike Cowper sits in for me once again to talk with Michael on investing in yourself for growth. He shares how he got started down this path of motivational speaking and mentorship. He discusses the wrong mindset of people regarding business ownership and how they can change that. He explains how you can run your business to serve you instead of you serving your business. Michael also shares thoughtful advice on how to achieve personal growth during the outbreak.

“What investors do is they invest in the idea of becoming better.”  – Michael Bernoff  

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Why Michael likes those who believe in the idea of investing in life.
  • What Michael says is our biggest adversary.
  • Finding and building your comfort zone.
  • Thinking about the non-negotiables we have set for ourselves.
  • How the outbreak helped some people use it as a snow day.
  • How you can become a person who wants to continue growing.
  • Changing your perception of running your business to serve you.
  • The difference between wanting and achieving financial freedom.
  • Why people are more motivated by problems than dreams.

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