Jamil Damji is a wholesaler and the Co-Founder of KeyGlee , a company that helps owners sell their homes online and employs a system that allows easy and safe transactions within minutes. Because of the size of their company and 50+ employees, KeyGlee wholesales up to 90 houses a month. Like many real estate investors, the crash of 2008 caused him to feel demotivated to continue. It wasn’t until Jamil met two younger investors at a charity event that eventually led to the founding of KeyGlee.

Jamil joins me today to discuss how KeyGlee manages to wholesale up to 90 houses a month and how they market to get the leads they have. He shares his journey into real estate, the time when he almost gave up, and the people who helped him get back to where he left off. Jamil also explains the challenges of running a high volume company and how young investors should choose their guru.

“Learn from people who have teaching in their spirit, not in their wallet.” – Jamil Damji

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

●  Who Jamil Damji is and what his company is all about.

●  How he got involved in real estate and why he left a career in media.

●  His journey throughout the 2008 Market Crash.

●  Changing perspectives when it comes to competition and collaboration.

●  Where he met his business partners and how KeyGlee came into existence.

●  The costs of running a company with a lot of overhead.

●  His advice to people interested in becoming an investor.

●  What it means to pay it forward as a business coach.

Connect with Jamil Damji:

● KeyGlee

● Instagram

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