Daniel Breslin is the President of Diamond Equity Investments, a real estate organization that operates in the Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Florida regions. He is the host of the REI Diamonds Show, a podcast for property investors and real estate agents throughout the United States. Additionally, he is the Lead Organizer of the Real Estate Investor Networking Group (RING), an organization that hosts and promotes real estate events that connect investors, contractors, and agents within the industry.

Daniel joins me today to share his unique journey as a real estate investor, the impossible odds he faced while starting his business, and how he overcame those odds to achieve success. He explains the marketing strategy he used as he began his entrepreneurial journey, how he expanded his company into several real estate markets and his views regarding building a team vs. collaborating with strategic partners. He also explains why being persistent during your first year as a new business owner is critical to achieving the success you desire as well as the impact that networking can have on the growth of your real estate career.

“I’m of the mindset of really trying to build the person, not the position.” – Daniel Breslin

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Challenges he faced during his first real estate deal.
  • His marketing strategy as a new real estate investor.
  • How networking impacted the growth of his business.
  • Strategies he used to build his business.
  • How he expanded his business to serve multiple markets.
  • His views on hiring employees vs. collaborating with strategic partners.
  • Using direct mail as a marketing strategy to source new property deals.
  • Finding deals through pay-per-click ads.
  • The type of mailing lists he prefers using in his marketing strategy.
  • How his company manages 100,000 postcards a month.

Daniel Breslin’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • Find those who are much better at this business than you and stay in business with those people.


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