Elijah Joseph is the owner of Best Home Solutions, a real estate solutions provider in Bakersfield, California. As an investor, Elijah focuses on helping clients with their housing problems ranging from foreclosure, death, and divorce to a tired landlord, distress, and fire damage. When he’s not wholesaling and rehabbing, Elijah also provides real estate investment opportunities to his investor network.

Elijah joins me today to share how he found his way into the world of real estate and the effort he exerted into being self-taught. He describes what his career was like before becoming an investor and the first time he wanted to have a career in real estate. He discusses the problematic deal he has right now, what led him into this situation, and the lessons he’s learned from it. Elijah also explains the importance of having an online presence and learning from the right mentors. 

“If you don’t earn, you learn.” – Elijah Joseph

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How Elijah got started in real estate and his career before.
  • How his life changed after he dedicated it to real estate investing.
  • Learning about real estate by attending seminars, reading books, and listening to podcasts.
  • Why he left Canada to do real estate in the US.
  • The big problem deal he’s currently trying to close.
  • Knowing what type of lender to get a loan from and what to know beforehand.
  • The motivations that help him continue in real estate despite various setbacks.
  • Why having an online presence is the standard in today’s market.
  • Elijah’s advice for people who plan to enter the real estate industry.

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