Melissa Haworth is the CEO of Shorefront Restorations. Shorefront Restorations is a real estate business providing service for Panama City communities in the wake of Hurricane Michael. She specializes in raising private funding and loves seeing people achieve financial freedom. She also helps people who don’t qualify for mortgages to achieve homeownership through rent-to-own programs.

Melissa joins me today to learn the intricacies of hiring employees as a real estate business owner. I share my hiring methods and tools we use in the company. I share my experience with profile tests, the hits and misses, and the lessons I learned from them. I also explain the importance of identifying the right fit for each person you interview and the biggest mistakes I’ve made when hiring new employees. 

“Hiring the person first is most important. What is teachable is coachable.” – Don Costa

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How Melissa got started in real estate.
  • How to get started with hiring and where to find them.
  • Why it’s important that the candidate’s profile matches the job position.
  • What not to do when applying personality tests in your business.
  • The interview process and the questions to ask.
  • The professional background criteria to consider when hiring new candidates.
  • Training new hires in the acquisition role.
  • How to structure your employee’s pay scale.
  • The biggest mistake I made with using personality testing.

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