Ryan Pineda is a Las Vegas-based real estate investor and author of the Flip Your Future book. He is a Managing Member of Forever Home Realty and the CEO of Homerun Offer, a business that has helped hundreds of homeowner buy and sell their properties throughout Las Vegas. Over the last several years, he has successfully built his property renovation business using private money lending.

Ryan joins me today to share his journey into real estate investing and how he used private money to start, grow, and scale his business and achieve greater profitability. He shares how working with hard money lenders enabled him to purchase over 50 properties in 2017 and the importance of networking and building trust with private money lenders to grow your business. He also shares strategies he uses to find property deals in a hot market, the roles and responsibilities of his team, and the lessons he has learned from the mistakes he has made throughout his career.

“Money is such an overlooked aspect of flipping. People are so focused on finding deals and trying to get them done that they are forgetting that they can make these deals a lot more profitable if they have a good lender.” – Ryan Pineda

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Why he pivoted his career from being a real estate agent to becoming an investor.
  • The biggest challenges he faced as a new investor.
  • How getting private money enabled him to grow and scale his business.
  • How hard money lenders enabled him to buy 20 houses in 2016 and 53 houses in 2017.
  • How private money lending can enable you to make decisions from a position of power – instead of desperation.
  • Why networking and building trust is critical for finding private money lenders
  • Strategies for finding property deals in a hot market.
  • The process he uses to manage over 20 property renovation deals per month.
  • Strategies for working with contractors.
  • Negotiating labor and material costs with contractors.
  • The roles and responsibilities of real estate project managers.
  • Deals he regrets doing, and why.

Ryan Pineda’s Tips for New Real Estate Investors:

  1. Get educated.
  2. Take action.

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