Before closing his first deal 2 and a half years ago, Jason Pritchard found himself stuck in an endless, exhausting cycle. He developed his sales skills and abilities through several corporate jobs, but found himself constantly getting burnt out, getting out of the company to find another place to work, only to end up burnt out again.

Many starting real estate investors decide to venture into the industry because, like Jason, they knew that they wanted something better in their lives and that this could not be achieved through regular employment or other circumstances they are trying to escape.

In this episode, Jason shares his experience venturing into the real estate investing industry and how he honed his skills and knowledge through resourcefulness and self-study. He provides tips on how to make a good return from your bandit signs and marketing strategies, along with other inspiring thoughts that every new real estate investor should consider.

 “There’s just no secret sauce.  There’s no magic pill.  A lot of it is just learning as you go and learning on the fly.” – Jason Pritchard

On today’s episode of Flip Talk:

  • How he used bandit signs and direct mail for marketing when starting out.
  • Tips on how you can improve the quality of your lists by going straight to the data source and ultimately gaining an edge over your competitors.
  • The importance of finding off-market deals.
  • He reveals his own financing strategy.
  • The importance of having a planned budget to maintain a long-term and consistent marketing campaign on whatever channel you decide to use.
  • Knowing who your target market is and finding the right marketing channel to connect with them.

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