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​Don has been one of our mentors for nearly a year now. Implementing his business advice & analytical approach has helped us go from 3-5 deals a year to 3-5 deals a month! Now we are spending our money smarter & tracking our key performance indicators to scale our business better, faster. We’ve learned so much, look forward to learning more & can’t wait to add value to others through Don’s example!​

Annabel Monroe

The amount of knowledge and experience gained from this program is priceless. Being able to connect with other investors in their network has been an added bonus. Thank you for everything you have and will do in the future!

Greg Sirko

​​Don is extremely knowledgeable about real estate and he openly shares his wisdom, while gently pushing you to stay accountable to what needs to happen to get the kind of success you want! He has been a mentor who I am blessed to also call my friend!

Khush Italia

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