Dwayne Shaw and Andrew Liebenhaut are real estate investors and the owners of My Dad Buys Houses. They’re also members of the United Realty Group, one of the largest independently owned brokerages in Florida. Dwayne previously worked in sales, and Andrew was a music producer until they realized the financial potential of being investors. I first met them back in 2017, where they talked about how their business ran, their marketing strategies, and how they found the right mentors to learn from.

Dwayne and Andrew join me today to share what they’ve been up to since we last saw them and how their business is going. They discuss some of the lessons they learned along the way, the tools they employ, and their favorite marketing strategies. They explain why marketing relies on trends and why they don’t do cold calling. Dwayne and Andrew also share their advice to those thinking of becoming investors.

“You can be as famous as you want to be, but if that’s not getting you in front of sellers then it doesn’t matter.” – Andrew Liebenhaut

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Who they are, how they met, and what got them interested in real estate.
  • How their business has evolved since the last time they were on the show.
  • The systems and CRMs they tried for their business.
  • What they learned from each other while running a real estate business.
  • The projects they look forward to in 2020.
  • Their thoughts on traditional marketing strategies like cold-calling.
  • Why Driving for Dollars is a strategy that will never fade out.
  • Their advice to someone starting out right now.

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