Scott Oots is a serial entrepreneur of various companies and the owner of SJO Investments, a real estate firm in Southern California. Mike Yanker is the Chief Operations Officer of SJO Investments with extensive experience in sales. They are the Moderators at The REI Masters, a platform that seeks to educate those who are new to the real estate industry as well as support those who are veterans in the field. They provide training for wholesalers, buy & hold investors, and anything related to sales and acquisitions.

In this episode, Scott and Mike share how they got started in real estate, how they met, and what inspired them to start The REI Masters. They share their hiring technique, how they use personality tests, and their criteria for newcomers. They describe how they handle sales through phone conversations and why they always leave the offer for last. Scott and Mike also explain the importance of taking action over watching an endless number of videos about real estate and the best way to set your goals and KPIs for success.

“Rapport-building does not stop after you leave that appointment.” – Scott Oots 

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Developing employees to consider what a deal looks like to the seller.
  • The importance of asking newcomers how they like to learn.
  • Their training process for their acquisitions team.
  • Scott’s and Mike’s best sales strategies and why the offer always comes last.
  • What happens when a buyer or seller is nervous during a phone conversation.
  • Why they’re not the highest offer in the majority of their deals.
  • Why only watching videos about real estate won’t make you a good investor.
  • The best way to set your goals and KPI.

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