Melissa Johnson runs Flipping Junkie together with her husband, Danny Johnson. Flipping Junkie is a blog dedicated to their business of flipping houses in the San Antonio area. Melissa has been in the business of flipping houses for over fourteen years and currently serves as their company’s project manager. As a project manager, she’s in charge of delegating tasks to the right people as well as making sure she hires the right person for the team.

Today, Melissa shares some of her trade secrets when it comes to flipping houses and hiring new members of your real estate team. She discusses how they built their team, their business structure, how they conduct business with contractors, and why it’s important to have an automated system in place. She also explains how they get leads as well as how she categorizes one from the other.

“In hiring new people, always set your expectations upfront.” – Melissa Johnson

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How she got started in this business.
  • How they built their team.
  • How they run their business.
  • Her tips in hiring a new crew.
  • Why do they have a standard list of materials?
  • Her advice when it comes to project management.
  • How does she define “systems”?
  • How she categorizes her leads.
  • How much does one of her deal usually cost?
  • Where most of their leads come from.

Melissa Johnson’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • Everything you can lay out ahead of time paves the way for a procedure to be smooth.
  • Being a project manager means being excellent when it comes to delegating.
  • If you can document and process what is within your control, your business will run smoother.

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