Mike Cowper is in the wholesaling business with lucrative success despite being relatively new to the industry. He was working on his career in sales for almost five years when he realized he didn’t want to be an employee forever. Looking for a way out, he looked into the different opportunities available to him. It was around September 2014 when he found out about a free real estate mentorship group. Since it was free, he figured he’d have nothing to lose and all to gain so he signed up and completed the mentorship in October of the same year. His aggressive nature would net him his first deal by November.

Mike came across his partner Mike Simmons in February 2015. Mike wanted a veteran guru, Simmons needed someone to help him manage his deals. Long story short, Simmons ended up partnering with Mike. Their partnership has grown since and they both aim to become one of the best wholesalers in the country.

Today, Mike Cowper talks about his experience when it came to wholesaling, how he gets his leads, and the many strategies he and Mike Simmons use in their business. He also shares great tips for those who want to get in the game one step at a time.

“The best answer is a quick yes. The next best answer is a quick no. That long maybe can just keep you away from more profitable opportunities.” – Mike Cowper

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • The positions they initially brought on their team.
  • Why being hands-on can hold the business back.
  • How hot and competitive the market is right now
  • The kind of marketing they use to acquire deals.
  • Their best and profitable source of marketing right now
  • The difference between Mailers and PPC.
  • The strategies they use to find their buyers.
  • Strategies for listing people to mail to.
  • How many touches is necessary to get a call?
  • Deals they regret doing.
  • The importance of paying attention to feedback on both sides.

Mike’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • Always track your expenses and returns.
  • The goal is always to get the contract during the first appointment, but it doesn’t happen all the time.
  • The person that stays in touch and shows they truly want to help are the ones who succeed and get the deal.

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Reach Out to Mike Cowper:

  • We Buy ROI
  • Phone: 248 871450
  • Email: mike.cowper@webuyroi.com


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