Jason Courtney is a real estate investor who pivoted his career from “fix and flip” to focus on holding properties and building cash flow from them. Unlike most investors, Jason’s been in the real estate business nearly all his life, having come from a family whose business revolved around custom home building. His first experience in real estate didn’t involve buying and selling properties, but rather being in charge of designing them for clients.

Jason joins me today to share his life experience before he got into real estate, the dark times in his life, and how he managed to turn everything around. He discusses how he started his business, the strategies he used to build his business and achieve success, and why he has moved on from flipping properties. He also explains how you can make use of the Subject To clause in growing your business.

“You got to have a certain amount of money in reserve at all times if you’re getting into a business like this.” – Jason Courtney

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How he got started in real estate.
  • His experience in custom building.
  • How he recovered from making the wrong investments.
  • Why he started learning more about foreclosures.
  • How he runs his business today and who his clients are.
  • His marketing strategies and how he generates leads.
  • Why he prefers passive income over buying and selling.
  • His strategy for getting seller financing.
  • How he structures a loan.
  • What it means to be added to the loan.
  • What is Subject To, what it does, and why some think it’s illegal.

Jason Courtney’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • In our business, credibility is everything.
  • Flipping properties allow you to turn dirt into diamonds and sell them for top dollar.
  • Avoid newbie mistakes by investing in a coach to help you.


Connect with Jason Courtney:

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