I lost everything during the crash of 2008. I had a great business, profits were soaring, I owned a bar and restaurant, and my family was living the high life, burning money like there’s no tomorrow.

Then the crash happened and took everything away.

I know you know this story as I brought it up more than a handful of times since the show started. However, what I never told you was how my wife, Lori, went through all of that with me.

Today, Lori joins me to share how she felt and coped with our unfortunate predicament ten years ago. She describes how her worst fears were validated, what was going through her mind at the time, and how we had to adjust our lifestyle to survive. She explained how she initially had doubts in what I planned on doing and why she initially never subscribed to the idea of managing your own business. She also shares some of the worst times we had and how we got through them, whether through the kindness of strangers or by merely having faith in each other. 

“My biggest fear was us not being able to afford to even keep our home.” – Lori Costa

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Why Lori initially didn’t like the idea entrepreneurship.
  • Validating her entrepreneurial fears when the market crashed.
  • Why they weren’t smart about their hard earned money in the past.
  • The lessons they learned after losing everything in the crash.
  • Some of the toughest times they went through and how they had to adapt to survive.
  • The most heartbreaking Christmas they ever had.
  • What they felt about each other when they were struggling and how they coped.

Lori’s Advice for Partners of Entrepreneurs:

  • Just let them lay their plans out there. It’s better to be informed first before you emotionally make decisions against what they’re proposing.

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