Virtual Summit 2020

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Flip Talk Virtual Summit 2020!

September 24 – 26th, 2020



Taught by real estate masters Don Costa & Mike Cowper
will show you how real estate wholesaling works

When you need to find additional income or a new way to make money,
FLIP TALK Virtual Summit is for you

AND, if you are part time already we will show you to build it into a scalable business

This summit best way to create income during this crises and beyond

Now’s The Time To Stop Dreaming And Make It A Reality!

Look, if there’s 1 thing our crazy world has taught us in recent months is…

…it’s critical to be as financially
independent as possible.

And the great news is that the wholesale market is an excellent way to break into real estate investing and consistently stay ahead of the game… no matter how the economy is doing!

But cracking into real-estate isn’t easy, which is why our Flip Talk 2020 virtual event is the perfect opportunity for those interested in wholesaling
real estate to hit the ground running!

When You Attend
Flip Talk’s 3 Day Virtual Event, you’ll:

  • Learn from the best! Real-estate wholesaling is a high-impact, short term investing strategy that can provide amazing results. Don and Mike have over 23 years of investing experience between them AND run and participate in some of the strongest mastermind communities in the country. Don hosts one of the top podcasts in the world, Flip Talk, helping spread real estate investing knowledge to the masses. And yes… They are ALSO active real estate investors running businesses that make millions of dollars each year!
  • Gain invaluable insight on how real-estate wholesaling defies economic slumps and offers immense opportunities to make serious money – IF you know what you’re doing (especially during a rough and tumble economy!)
  • Get your own step-by-step action plan (especially valuable for newbies) loaded with proven strategies, tools, and resources – this eliminates the guesswork by showing exactly what to do to be successful in real-estate wholesaling!
  • Learn the essential mindset to be a successful real-estate wholesaler! Many have the ability in them but don’t know how to tap into it – you will be taught how to harness the power of the winning mindset!
  • Gain exclusive access to Don and Mike’s proven system which teaches how to generate leads, guide those leads to the deal, and – most importantly – close the deal!

Meet the Hosts

Don Costa

Don Costa is based in Fresno, California, and has been active in real estate for 17+ years. He is the host of the popular Flip Talk Podcast and purchases distressed houses, conducts quality renovations, and sells turn-key homes.
After the crash of 2008, Don lost everything, but he bounced back bigger, stronger, and better.

Don is also the founder of the Inner Circle Elite mastermind, which he attributes much of his success to being surrounded by the best people in the business. Don has been married for 17 years and has three amazing children.

Mike Cowper

Mike Cowper started investing in Real Estate at the end of 2014. Since then, he has been able to participate in over 400 deals utilizing his exceptional sales skills to find and create winning situations with sellers. Primarily focused on wholesaling, Mike selectively flips and is continually adding passive investments to his portfolio through rentals and creative financing (50+ doors currently).

Mike understands what it takes to get started in Real Estate Investing – as well as how to grow it into a business model that serves your lifestyle.

Here’s a breakdown of the event:

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 1
Right off the bat, we teach how to stop dwelling on getting started and enter real-estate wholesale NOW. This covers everything from how to generate leads to developing the proper mindset.
Day 2
We’ve shown you how to generate leads, but taking those leads and converting them into a profitable deal is vitally important. During Day two we are going to show you exactly how to put together real-estate wholesale deals! Understanding and properly executing this step will have your prospects wanting to sign with you!
Day 3
Want to make sure you get paid? During Day 3 we will be showing you the most effective ways to close your deals and ensure that your hard work pays off! Don’t leave money on the table by missing this crucial information…

Check out what people are saying about
Flip Talk Virtual Summit!

“Don is extremely knowledgeable about real estate and he openly shares his wisdom, while gently pushing you to stay accountable to what needs to happen to get the kind of success you want! He has been a mentor who I am blessed to also call my friend!”
Khush Italia
Khush Italia
“Don has been one of our mentors for nearly a year now. Implementing his business advice & analytical approach has helped us go from 3-5 deals a year to 3-5 deals a month! Now we are spending our money smarter & tracking our key performance indicators to scale our business better, faster. We’ve learned so much, look forward to learning more & can’t wait to add value to others through Don’s example!”
Annabel Monroe
Annabel Monroe
“Don is the real deal. He is genuine as they get. Willing to share his trials and tribulations to the world to help the rest of us. I appreciate all the great content he has produced and I’m a big fan of his podcasts.”
Marc Tuckey
Marc Tuckey
“Love all the gems he provides through his Podcasts and the way delivers …”
David Roman
David Roman
“Don is the MAN! such a true giving person who is more than willing to do anything he can for others.”
Shane Hakala
Shane Hakala

Frequently Asked

Thursday, September 24th – Saturday, September 26th

Please download Zoom ( and make sure you have a microphone so we can speak with you at the event and take your questions

$9.97 General Admission, $197 VIP

Yes, and it will also be available for purchase after the event. *If you purchase a VIP ticket the recordings are included

There you go! Our team has put together a 3 day event that will teach you everything from how to break into the market, the very best methods and strategies for building your business, and ensure you have what you need to be successful in real-estate wholesaling!

Do not wait! We have all seen how dramatically, and quickly, our economy can turn upside down. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to thrive, not just survive, through the power of real-estate wholesaling

Register today!

Committed to your success,
Don Costa & Mike Cowper



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