We survived 2008 and this is how we are planning with Jamil Damji and Cuthberto Ramos

Jamil Damji is a real estate wholesaler and Co-Founder of KeyGlee, a company that uses a virtual system of flipping houses. Cuthberto Ramos is the Co-Owner of Capitalist Masters Group, a company that provides clients real estate solutions, whether they’re buying or selling. Both great investors and survivors of the 2008 crash, they came out more successful and have since figured out how to recession-proof their companies.

Jamil and Cuthberto join me today to share their 2008 Crash stories as they compare and contrast it with the current economic situation. They discuss how their businesses fared during and after the 2008 Crash and the steps they took to ensure they protect themselves better. They describe how their businesses are doing during this lockdown period and how they’re able to continue conducting business. Jamil and Cuthberto also share valuable advice to investors who are looking for opportunities in the current market.

“You’re not going to find the opportunities that are going to present themselves if you’re stuck in the past or looking to the future. Everything is happening right now.” – Jamil Damji  

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • When Jamil began his career in real estate and how he lost it all in 2008.
  • What Jamil plans are to prevent his business from collapsing during the pandemic.
  • Why the current economic situation is an event-driven recession.
  • The number of sales Jamil and Cuthberto lost before and during the lockdown.
  • The difference between the 2008 Crash and the COVID-19 crash.
  • How to tell if the market has bottomed out.
  • Flawed fundamentals and how it contributed to the current recession.
  • Finding business opportunities in a downturned market.
  • Using virtual tools to conduct site inspections and run virtual markets.
  • The opportunities that happened after the 2008 Crash and whether it could happen again after the pandemic.
  • What buyers should expect from sellers during a lockdown.
  • What Jamil and Cuthberto think will become the ‘new normal’ after the pandemic runs its course.

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