More than his awesome name, Country Musick is known as an expert in real estate business. He says his parents were really interesting people and since their last name was Musick, they thought it was a great idea to name their child Country. Growing up, he had a slightly not-so-normal life, but nothing really difficult except when lawyers are needed to verify his name.  Country prides himself for being self-taught, learning through countless webinars, reading books, and lots of videos from Youtube. He stumbled on the real estate business by accident way back in 2009.

For 13 solid years, Country worked for a large power transformer company that provided him a sizeable salary. During his free time, he heard about podcasts and what they can offer, so he decided to try a few shows. He eventually got a show about wholesaling which led him to quit his job and start his own business around November 2009, a time when leaving a stable job was the last thing anyone wanted to do. Today, Country tells us how he runs his business, the tools he uses to make the job easier, the lists he uses for leads, and why he says it’s okay to have bad properties.

Almost every single project, every home you that you buy, there are always unknown costs that come up.” – Country Musick

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • The first deal that made him feel confident to spend on marketing and leads.
  • Why earning $2500.00 per property made him happy.
  • The deals he wished he didn’t do and why he didn’t like them.
  • Why he doesn’t like dealing with wholesale properties.
  • How his business run today and how he currently get his leads?
  • Why direct mail is the easiest way to generate business.
  • How he works with different types of lists.

Country’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • You have problem properties all the time; it happens.
  • When the market goes down, you would want to capitalize on that.
  • Cold calling counts as networking.
  • Being self-taught is great, but it will slow your progress. Get a mentor and have them teach you the ropes.

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