Nicole Espinosa is known as The Short Sale Queen. As her name suggests, she specializes in facilitating short sale real estate transactions. Because of the complexity of short sale transactions, few real estate investors ever try to take it as their primary source of income, but Nicole has made it the core of her business and found success. She is also the author of Short Sales Uncensored where she explains the ins and outs of short sales.

Nicole joins me today to share what it’s like to have a career in real estate with short sales. She describes why she is called The Short Sale Queen, where she learned how to handle these types of transactions, and when she started her business. She explains how social media allowed her to get leads and expand her company. Nicole also discusses the qualifications of people she likes to work with as well as shares advice to those who are interested in learning about short sale transactions.

“The hardest thing with short sales is value because value is subjective to the person.” – Nicole Espinosa

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How she earned the name “The Short Sale Queen.”
  • How she used social media for networking and attracting leads.
  • The most challenging part of short sales.
  • What a sample short sale transaction would look like.
  • The qualities she looks for in the people she works with.
  • How to determine if someone is experienced in real estate investing.
  • Why you don’t have to label “short sale” for it to be a short sale.

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